Wireless Pre-Deployment Survey

This kind of survey is required to analysis the internal wall types, height of ceiling, cabling paths, local interference sources such as (metallic walls, x-ray machine), and some areas where an AP cannot be mounted. Also, it checks the site maps to verify whether some changes has been made or not at the site.

Predictive Wireless Network Design

The predictive wireless modelling is a virtual survey, which helps in designing the 3D model of your site. The precise virtual model will be built using the site maps by setting the same floor and wall materials of the site.

Wireless Onsite Survey

It is an AP on a Stick survey, which is conducted on site for designing the real wireless model according to your Indoor environment. In this we come to your site and place an AP on a tripod and then determines the wireless Signal Strength, Signal to Noise Ratio, Coverage Area, Network Health, Interference.

Wireless Passive Survey

Passive Survey measures the wireless networks performance of the site and shows the metrics in the form of color heatmaps for later evaluation.We (Are Wireless) use Ekahau Software with Sidekick to collect the Wireless Network Performance in the real environment. It is the most advanced tool for designing and measuring the Wireless Networks.

Our Solution Include